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It's no wonder ECAL is the world's leading calendar marketing platform.


Displays for all your digital channels

ECAL has the largest library of buttons and displays around. Totally customizable, 'wizard' built in seconds, and simple to install. Easily add ECAL to your website, mobile site, mobile apps and Facebook. Try them for yourself!


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Event displays

Promo Displays

Awesome Marketing Power

You'll find managing your content, and marketing to your customers a breeze using the ECAL admin. Easily update events in the users' calendar, with just one click of a button. Create one-off events or import a whole series; make events 'public' or 'private'; and send 'rich' messaging and offers direct to the calendar, suiting their profile.

Reach your audience through the calendar

With ECAL, you can reach your audience at the 'right-time' in the 'right-place'. Identify your users location via geo-detection and push relevant, tailored updates straight to their personal calendar. 


Serve local information to users based on their current location


Publish your ECAL displays in 13 different languages

Gated Login

Allow already signed-in users to simply add content to their existing calendar subscription

Dynamic Updates

Send live and dynamic updates straight to the users’ calendar

Rich customer data

Access a range of interesting analytical dashboards and user reports in your admin. A summary dashboard gives a great 'snapshot' of performance. Dive deeper with dashboards for 'Subscribers', 'Visitors', 'Visitor Interest' and 'Click-throughs'. View, export your profiled customer data, and send it to your CRM with ease.

Activate fans from anywhere

We provide you so much more than just an 'Add to Calendar' button! With ECAL, you can activate fans from virtually anywhere - online and offline. Activate consumers from print advertising, online display ads, interactive touch screens, social media and email. Anywhere, anytime.

SMS Response

Fans can simply text a 'keyword' to our dedicated number, and we'll send them a link so they can subscribe, straight to their mobile.

Twitter Response

For your social crowd, we can tweet them your ECAL in response to a specific 'hashtag'

Functional Display Ads

Make your online display ads totally functional with ECAL, to find new users across any network

Interactive Touch Screens

Engage and excite customers in shopping centres, malls and street, with our interactive media technology integrations. So cool.

Social Media

We'll give you a 'smart' direct link to promote on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram et al, to captivate your social crowd.


Easily add ECAL to your emails, and we'll gladly help you with some cool ideas for an email launch

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