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Australian MOTO GP ECAL

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ECAL and the Australian Moto GP have continued their strong relationship with ECAL providing the digital event schedule to MotoGP attendees. The ECAL platform allowed Moto GP fans to sync the track schedule directly to their calendar on any device.

The ECAL Lightbox display was launched directly from a countdown timer located on the MotoGP website. When clicked, this countdown timer would open up directly to the ECAL display, providing a simple subscription process.

As well as the countdown timer integration, the Australian Moto GP also went out with an eDM to their entire database, resulting in simple subscriptions directly from the email.

ECAL kept Moto GP fans up to date with the full track schedule, including reminders for key sessions, quick links for rich information including circuit map, shop and more. These reminders ensure all fans were completely up to date and didn't miss a second of important track time.

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