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COPA America sells $90,000 tickets from the calendar!

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The 2016 COPA America Tournament has been hailed as the most successful in its 100 year history.

Along with record attendance & television audiences, the COPA America Centenario delivered impressively high numbers of digital traffic, online ticket sales and social media engagement with the help of ECAL - used to deliver the COPA Digital Calendar solution to deliver up-to-date team and tournament schedule information, directly into fans' personal digital calendar on mobile or desktop.


COPA America's goals were quite clear:

  • Capitalize on the initial interest in COPA America Centenario
  • Build anticipation around the tournament draw
  • Build a connected calendar audience
  • Drive early ticket sales


The COPA America Digital Calendar boasted a wealth of innovative features, supporting a highly integrated digital strategy. Specific user preferences served to tailor the communications experience for fans, where game entries were updated dynamically throughout the tournament, and included handy alerts; game details including broadcast information and official match hashtags; direct ticketing links; and links to engage via the Match Centre and social media.

The user preference data and insights were also used to deliver other relevant communications to the user. For instance, email communications sent to 'opt-in' users to announce the final team squads were tailored to suit the specific team preferences made by the user via ECAL (e.g.: the headline story for Argentinian fans was all about Lionel Messi).

The COPA Digital Calendar provided a wonderful ‘hook’ from the very beginning of the digital campaign, to connect and engage fans well before the tournament draw was even released. Fans were encouraged to sync the Digital Match Calendar, to receive the tournament draw of their selected teams first, as soon as it was announced. With the dynamic nature of ECAL, fans automatically received the schedule directly into their calendar on release.

To help drive adoption, an additional promotional incentive was used where each subscriber received an entry into the draw to win two tickets to the official tournament draw event in New York City.

The COPA Digital Calendar, and prize draw, was promoted across web, email and social media.

Before the tournament draw was even announced, ECAL had connected over 53,000 subscribers.

Here's a snapshot of the schedules chosen by country.

ECAL - Copa America Schedules by Country

Driving Ticket Sales

With 53,000+ connected fans (and growing every day), we then delivered a tactical calendar entry to promote the 'ticket on-sale' for single match tickets. This entry was sent into the users' calendar at exactly the right time, with alerts, ticketing details and a direct link straight to the COPA tickets page on

This single 'ticket on-sale' calendar entry directly resulted in $63,120 worth of tickets sold.  Two thirds of the ticket sales ($41,783) came within the first 24 hours of the calendar entry, whilst the remaining sales orders continued for up to the next four weeks.

Here's a snapshot of ticket sales over time from this one tactical calendar entry. However, additional ticket sales continued beyond and right through to the end of the tournament.

COPA ECAL Orders & Sales

COPA ECAL Orders & Sales

Key Successes

ECAL's state-of-the-art digital calendar delivered COPA a tremendous platform to 'connect', 'engage' and 'influence' its audience, to achieve important early ticket sales, great viral spread, enhanced communications plus invaluable data and insights.

  • ECAL - Copa America Key Successes Infographic91,470 fans subscribed to the COPA Digital Calendar
  • 73% 'opt-in' to receive further marketing and communications
  • 53,000 fans subscribed prior to the announcement of the tournament draw
  • 65% chose to sync the full tournament schedule.
  • 204 total sales orders
  • $90,042 in total direct ticket sales from the calendar
  • $63,120 in direct ticket sales alone from the tactical 'ticket on-sale' entry
  • $441 average order
  • $683,727 in est. marketing value delivered

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