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Major League Soccer

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Major League Soccer (MLS) is the governing body for soccer (football) in USA, and a lead ‘partner’ type client for us at ECAL. MLS is generally considered the 5th major sport in the US, and one of the fastest growing participation and spectator sports in the country.

MLS have gone totally ‘digital’ in their marketing and communications, with ECAL completely replacing their printed ‘schedule cards’ (1 million+), saving MLS over $350K per year in printing costs alone.

MLS have a truly ‘enterprise’ structure. MLS have a ‘master’ ECAL account, linked to ECAL ‘child’ accounts for each MLS Club. So, MLS Clubs can self-manage their own content and access their own customer analytics, at anytime in the ‘cloud’. MLS gain central visibility and control of all content, as well as all customer data and analytics.

The MLS eCal widgets allow fans to subscribe to their chosen team schedules, official team events, promotions, TV broadcast schedules and lots more.

MLS are leaders in ‘dynamic CRM’ practise, and ECAL plays a critical role. In fact, ECAL customer data files are delivered to MLS on a daily basis, for inclusion into their  ‘master CRM’ (Customer Relationship Management) program.

You will find the ECAL page widgets (‘Add Schedule to Calendar’) on the official MLS website, Club websites and Facebook pages.

MLS has over 100,000+ eCal users and growing every day. At every second of every day, an MLS fan is activating MLS eCal calendars from their personal device.


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