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The world’s most advanced events
calendar marketing software

Sync to calendar

ECAL lets users sync your events directly into their personal calendar, bypassing the inbox.

Totally dynamic

ECAL is dynamic. Users receive new events, 'rich' details and any updates as they happen, so they stay up-to-date and connected, always.

Higher value marketing

ECAL increases awareness, acquires customer data and drives high value sales and engagement, to deliver a much higher value marketing return.

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ECAL Online Calendar Software

The world’s most advanced right-time, events-driven calendar marketing software

ECAL’s dynamic marketing calendar software enables event publishers to connect directly with their customers, via their personal calendar. Are you a community group? Whether you are a stay at home mum planning book club meetings, or a football coach who needs to schedule training and matches, you can use our free online calendar software, the ‘Free Starter’.

Business customers, if you are you wanting to harness the full power of the platform to better engage your modern, high-value customers, you can access premium features, plus customer data and analytics with a low monthly business plan. For large enterprises requiring greater customisation, linked accounts and CRM integration, contact us. ECAL’s online, dynamic web calendar software is ideal for any events-based business, across any industry.

ECAL for all your marketing channels

With the world’s best calendar marketing software, you can quickly and easily produce custom widgets and applications, and add these to all of your marketing channels, including your website, mobile site, Facebook and mobile apps. Your events content is instantly displayed, and your audience can subscribe to their preferred content for free which is delivered directly into their personal calendar – on mobile, tablet, computer or even Facebook. Your customers will be reminded of your events, and be kept up-to-date and connected with any changes, or new events suiting their profile.

With ECAL’s online web calendar software, you’ll gain valuable customer data and insights through our amazing analytics. Enrich your events with reminders, event details, and links to buy tickets, view features, social media and your mobile apps – to drive high value sales and engagement. This makes ECAL’s event calendar marketing software the world’s most powerful ‘Events CMMS’ (content management and marketing system). ECAL lets you engage more deeply with your high value customers like never before. Sign up for a FREE account now, and see for yourself!

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Case Study, New England Patriots

70% subscription rate

Hundreds of thousands of fans subscribe to the Patriots eCal, via their website, Facebook and mobile app. Over 70% of visitors to their eCal web page subscribe. 67% of fans choose to subscribe directly into their smartphone calendar!

97% opt-in rate

97% of Patriots fans choose to receive additional marketing communications from the Patriots, to suit their profile. Fans only receive information that is specific and relevant, not spam!

High value sales

ECAL users are interested in high value items. Last season the Patriots received 2,500+ ‘click-throughs’ for tickets, and 2,200+ for NFL Game Pass access (online TV subscription), generating hundred of thousands of dollars in revenue.

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Want to engage more deeply with your high value customers?

ECAL lets you capture the ‘time and attention’ of your customers, literally, with meaningful events content delivered at the right time, right place.
It’s time to beat the busy inbox, and achieve greater business returns from a more direct, more effective and totally accountable marketing platform.