For lifestyle companies ECAL increases awareness and engagement, and keeps customers happy and on-track.

Gym Reminders

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Why lifestyle companies choose ECAL

ECAL is used by gyms, online fitness programs, and even large religious orders. ECAL sends important events to calendar, to suit their profile, so they can better manage life.

Connect with modern, mobile lifestyle consumers

A successful lifestyle takes planning and commitment. ECAL helps to make the 'promise' a reality, by delivering a communications service that lives where the user lives, where the plans and the promises take place, their calendar.

ECAL Lifestyle Fitness

Messaging at the right time, in the right place

Are you offering a lifestyle program, and seeing a drop-off in engagement after the first few weeks? Unfortunately, emails are not great way to change lifestyle habits and behaviour. Gyms and Health Clubs use ECAL to help members better manage their schedule, by syncing class times to calendar. With handy reminders, direct links to bookings, and other valuable content (like recipes or health tips), members are better placed to manage these lifestyle changes.

Customer Data and Insights

ECAL captures new leads, plus 'rich' customer data and insights. Know what your customers like, how they like it, and where, so you can serve them better. Our Data Delivery Service sends this data directly to your CRM, for deeper profiling and greater marketing potential.

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