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$49 /mo
Ideal for community based organisations, who want a full feature set to serve a small captive audience.
$299 /mo
For marketing experts, who require data ownership, advanced analytics, marketing and commercialisation options.
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For large enterprise who require secure, personalised communications, system integration and specific business logic.

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What are 'Branded Offers'?

On the Free plan, 'Branded Offers' may appear on the 'success' screen of the ECAL widget, following a user subscription. These offers are completely 'opt-in' and come from some of the world's best known consumer brands. There are NO ads served into the users' calendar.

What support does ECAL provide consumers?

We provide free online support to users if they need it, just ask them to send any questions they have to, and we'll take it from there.

Can we customize the displays?

Yes, the 'Ultimate' range of buttons and displays are fully customisable, easily done via the WYSIWYG editor in the admin. Need help? There's a live support feature in the admin.

What is the 12 month price guarantee?

We'll provide a set price on pre-paid annual contracts. That means you won't pay an extra fees for additional users over and above your normal quota!

What additional services are available?

We provide a range of additional services including Account Set-up, advanced Marketing / Media Planning, Account Management, SMS Response (a dedicated 'keyword' and SMS credits) and our Data Delivery Service (to send user data direct to CRM).

Can you help us launch ECAL?

Yes, absolutely. As part of the account set-up, you'll receive a Launch Guide with all the tips for a great launch. 

What commercial options are available?

Quite a few. On a paid plan, you retain Sponsorship Rights, so you may sell (or assign) a range of benefits we make available throughout the ECAL experience. You can also upload your own clickable ad on the 'success' screen of the widget. Please contact us for details.

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