ECAL’S world-leading enterprise solution delivers secure Private Events messaging to calendar, for a totally personalised, one-to-one communications service.


ECAL’s unique Private Events service lets you deliver secure, one-to-one calendar communications to your customers. Totally personalised to the individual, its perfect for a range of customer-centric services, such as Payment Reminders, Favourite Shows, Booking Reminders, and any other type of subscriber-based or member-specific use cases.

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When using Private Events, this service can be totally anonymised with the user’s identity protected. Your communications are managed via ‘webhook’ notifications, and secure interactions with the ECAL REST API.


Apply custom logic to deliver rich, personalised details to your customers, to enhance the experience, and drive engagement and sales. You can even change the status of events to signify a payment has been received, or remains overdue, or to present a limited offer.

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ECAL’s Smart Alerts use complex machine learning to deliver the right message, to the right user at the right time, to optimise outcomes. Talk to us about Smart Alerts.