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The Australian Ballet chooses ECAL ‘Add to Calendar’

The Australian Ballet chooses ECAL ‘Add to Calendar’

Recognised as one of the world’s major international ballet companies, The Australian Ballet has launched its calendar-based community engagement, ticket sales and communications feature, powered by ECAL.

Launched in April 2017, ECAL’s ‘Add to Calendar’ enterprise technology is a key strategic initiative in the continued development of The Australian Ballet’s digital platform.

As well as being a wonderful service for season ticket holders, the feature also aims to better inform the more casual ballet enthusiasts, in order to drive stronger retail sales conversion.

The ‘Add to Calendar’ feature is found in multiple locations across In the ‘event discovery’ phase, users can sync the entire ballet season in their favourite city directly from the master ‘Calendar’ page. At the production level, you can choose to sync your favourite productions, across your preferred cities.

In the ‘post purchase’ phase, users can also easily sync the events that they have bought tickets for, straight to calendar.

The ECAL feature is live and dynamic, and keeps users up-to-date with production details, with handy reminders and links to drive sales and engagement, including a direct link to ‘Buy Tickets’, all from their personal calendar on mobile or desktop.

ECAL’s enterprise ‘Add to Calendar’ solution enables The Australian Ballet to:

  • Better service season ticket holders
  • Acquire new customers
  • Drive casual retail ticket sales
  • Improve online engagement
  • Promote interest in other ballet products and features, like Ballet TV

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