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Boston Area Youth Soccer keeps parents on-time!

Boston Area Youth Soccer keeps parents on-time!

ECAL has partnered with US sports team management software company, AdminSports to help keep parents up-to-date and on-time for their kids’ weekend soccer commitments.

The Boston Area Youth Soccer (BAYS) league has launched ECAL’s dynamic ‘Sync to Calendar’ technology for 1,500+ teams across the league, at all levels of competition.

BAYS manage over 14,000 games for its 1,500+ teams, involving 23,000 girls and boys from 71 Massachusetts cities and towns. That’s a lot parents that need to know where to be, and at what time each weekend for soccer!

Coaches, players and parents can sync their specific team schedule straight to any personal calendar program on mobile or desktop, so they never miss a match. Game entries feature handy reminders, dynamic updates, game day information and links directly to stats, standings and even league policies.

This is a wonderful initiative by Admin Sports, in partnership with the team at ECAL to better serve community sports in the Boston area.

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