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Customer Stories - Tigo Sports exceed expectations with ECAL ahead of the World Cup


Provide awareness to the Tigo Sports audience for when matches are being played and where fans can catch the action, ahead of the Qatar World Cup 2022.


Deliver a digital calendar service, powered by ECAL which reminds subscribers when all the World Cup matches are showing.

1. Introduction

Tigo Sports is a Latin American sports subscription television channel which has rapidly established itself as a major team and events broadcaster and sponsor in football at national, regional, and international level. Tigo Sports is also the champion television channel for a huge number of other sporting fixtures all year round. These sports include rugby, futsal, handball, tennis, table tennis, polo, athletics, mixed martial arts and fitness.

2. Objectives

  • Remind subscribers when all matches are showing on their Tigo Sports channels and give them the option to watch the matches in either standard or HD quality.
  • Increase awareness of Tigo Sports news, exclusives, videos, and live matches across all their channels.

3. Future Strategy

The plan is for ECALs service to play an integral part in the communications strategy and be a permanent feature for fans going forward. There are additional plans to bring in sponsors and promotional deals from huge clients and brands in association with Tigo Sports’ new calendar marketing service.

4. Solution

These plans will ensure that fans of the sports channel receive the best fan-engagement services in Latin America and further improve how Tigo Sports communicate with their huge audience.

5. Outcomes

  • Exceeding Expectations: Surpassed the original forecast of 5,000 subscribers before first match;
  • Data Driven Insights: Highly profiled user data acquired will shape Tigo Sports future marketing & advertising strategies.


Tigo Sports


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