ECAL is excited to announce it’s global partnership with the NBA, the world’s most popular basketball league. ECAL provides the exclusive ‘Sync to Calendar’ service for the NBA in the United States, in key international markets, and available to fans anywhere in the world.

With the NBA Playoffs fast approaching (beginning 13th April) fans can easily sync the Playoffs Schedule, or games of their favourite team(s) directly into their personal calendar for free. This dynamic calendar service keeps fans up-to-date with the evolving playoffs schedule, complete with rich game information including TV broadcast details, handy alerts, and direct access to tickets, League Pass and official NBA merchandise, all from the convenience of their personal calendar.

Know what’s on, when and where with the NBA Digital Calendar, a truly global service powered by ECAL – the world’s leading calendar communications platform. The NBA Digital Calendar feature is available in 30+ languages, and available across the official NBA website, NBA digital channels, and from

Don’t miss a moment of the 2019 NBA Playoffs. ‘Sync to Calendar’ here.

The 2019 Cricket World Cup is coming to England and Wales later this year, with the 12th edition of the competition beginning 30th May, with the hosts playing South Africa at the Oval.

Fans will enjoy a new look tournament format, with ten teams all playing each other once in a single group, and the top four teams progressing to the knockout stage.

Cricket lovers, sync your calendar now with the complete tournament fixture, or you can just follow your favourite teams. With handy alerts and direct access to the ICC Match Centre, Tickets, Latest News, Social Media and more, you’ll never miss a moment of the action.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is yet another global sports organisation that relies on ECAL’s dynamic ‘sync to calendar’ technology to engage with fans from across the globe.

Don’t miss a moment of the ICC Cricket World Cup, sync the fixture to your calendar here.


Cricket World Cup Calendar

ECAL has partnered with the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC), to help promote it’s expanding global circuit of tournaments via the calendar.

In addition to popular TV events such as the William Hill World Darts Championship and betway World Cup of Darts, the PDC now live stream events via PDCTV, their own HD streaming service. With the help of ECAL’s dynamic ‘Sync to Calendar’ technology, dart fans from around the globe can easily know what’s on, when and how to watch, straight from their personal digital calendar, so they never miss a moment.

As part of the calendar solution, fans can choose to receive ‘PDCTV Streamed Events’, ‘TV Events’ and even ‘Ticket On-Sale Dates’ to calendar. Events via ECAL automatically update in the user calendar, and entries are rich with features, including handy alerts, event info and links for direct access to Buy Tickets, Watch Live on PDCTV, Latest Video, News and Player Profiles.

ECAL’s ‘Sync to Calendar’ feature is integrated across the PDC website, with buttons located on the ‘Tournament Calendar’ page and splashed across the PDC’s official facebook and twitter pages.

An Australian-based technology company, ECAL is a world-leader in delivering rich communications and marketing to calendar. ECAL works with hundreds of major brands in sports, ticketing, and entertainment, and is relied upon and trusted by over 7m users globally.

It’s ‘Game On’ for darts fans!. Sync your calendar with PDC events here.

Darts Calendar


ECAL has partnered with the South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC), to help promote the State’s world-class events direct to calendar.

South Australia is renowned for its food and wine, arts festivals, cultural and sporting events. Now, at the click of a button, international and local visitors can easily ‘sync’ events they are interested in, straight to their personal digital calendar.

Events dynamically update in the calendar, so if there are any event updates or changes, they’ll be the first to know. Events include handy alerts, event details and even pricing information, with direct access to purchase tickets straight from the calendar.

ECAL’s ‘Sync to Calendar’ technology is integrated across the SATC website, with ‘Sync to Cal’ buttons located on each individual event page. The feature is another great addition to the recently redesigned website, designed to increase awareness and engagement in events across the state.

An Australian-based technology company, ECAL is a world-leader in calendar communications and marketing. ECAL works with hundreds of major brands in sports, ticketing, and entertainment, servicing many millions of users globally. SATC’s ‘Sync to Calendar’ feature is a first for the tourism sector, and an exciting initiative for both ECAL and South Australian Tourism.

Visit now to see what’s on, and sync to cal!


Tourism ECAL

ECAL has partnered with business financing company OnDeck, to help execute its ‘Repayment Holiday’ promotion.

A promotion exclusive to MYOB customers taking their first business loan with OnDeck between 30th October and 30th December 2018, customers are being offered a deferred repayment schedule, whereby their first repayment is not due until week beginning Wednesday 2nd January 2019.

ECAL, the world’s leading calendar communications solution, delivers a handy ‘payment reminder’ service direct to calendar, so OnDeck customers know exactly what day their first repayment is due, and how much. The service is designed to help borrowers best manage their funds at such a busy time of year.

It’s one small but effective way, that OnDeck put their customers’ needs first by providing repayment relief over the festive season, and supporting this concept with helpful communications at the right time, in the right place.

OnDeck was launched in Australia in 2015 to solve a major issue facing small businesses: efficient access to capital. OnDeck provides loans up to $250,000 across over 700 different industries and has issued over US$10 billion in loans in the US, Canada and Australia since 2007.

ECAL has partnered with NBA, the globe’s number one basketball league, to provide the official ‘sync to calendar’ service for fans across Europe.

The feature allows basketball fans to sync their favourite NBA team(s), League or NBA Saturdays and NBA Sundays Prime Time TV schedule, straight to their personal digital calendar.

NBA matches dynamically update in the calendar, and include handy alerts, localised broadcast information, and direct access to watch live, latest video, news and results.

Promoted across five major European markets including United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, France and Germany, all ECAL displays feature complete language translations and EU GDPR compliance. The feature is being promoted across the official NBA regional sites, NBA social media channels and email.

ECAL has partnered with US sports team management software company, AdminSports to help keep parents up-to-date and on-time for their kids’ weekend soccer commitments.

The Boston Area Youth Soccer (BAYS) league has launched ECAL’s dynamic ‘Sync to Calendar’ technology for 1,500+ teams across the league, at all levels of competition.

BAYS manage over 14,000 games for its 1,500+ teams, involving 23,000 girls and boys from 71 Massachusetts cities and towns. That’s a lot parents that need to know where to be, and at what time each weekend for soccer!

Coaches, players and parents can sync their specific team schedule straight to any personal calendar program on mobile or desktop, so they never miss a match. Game entries feature handy reminders, dynamic updates, game day information and links directly to stats, standings and even league policies.

This is a wonderful initiative by Admin Sports, in partnership with the team at ECAL to better serve community sports in the Boston area.

The largest online food ordering service in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, HungerStation, used ECAL to drive engagement and orders around the FIFA World Cup.

Part of the Delivery Hero group, HungerStation delivers food from over 100+ restaurants to your doorstep, and promises high standards of service and guaranteed food delivery.

Managed by TTP Creative Agency, and promoted on social media via Facebook and Twitter, the HungerStation ECAL offered customers the ability to sync the World Cup schedule (or games of your favourite teams), straight to their personal calendar on mobile or desktop, complete with timely alerts and promotional discounts.

The ECAL display and all calendar entries were entirely in Arabic, and the service worked to engage customers around the World Cup to order their food, take advantage of discounts, and have the food delivered in time to watch the game!

Another awesome example of how ECAL enterprise technology can deliver a brilliant customer experience with amazing, measurable success to a global audience.

The NBL, Australia and New Zealand’s pre-eminent professional men’s basketball league has released its 2017/18 Fixture, powered by ECAL!

Fans of the eight-team competition are treated to a live and dynamic feed of game details, delivered straight to their digital calendar of choice.

Basketball lovers will never miss a moment with match entries automatically updated with TV broadcast information, official game hashtags and direct access to Buy Memberships, Online Shop and more, just a click away.

Follow your team throughout the 17/18 Season and join thousands of basketball fans who rely on ECAL to stay up-to-date and connected to the NBL via their calendar!