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Displays for all your digital channels

ECAL has the largest library of buttons and displays around. Totally customisable, responsive, 'wizard' built in seconds, and simple to install. Easily add ECAL to your websitemobile apps, Facebook and emails. Try for yourself!


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Event displays

Promo Displays

Awesome marketing power

ECAL is your direct communications line into the daily life schedule of your audience. We give you the tools to find and activate users from virtually anywhere, and communicate to them at exactly the 'right time', in the right place.

Real-time marketing

Send updates, new events and targeted marketing straight to calendar, fast.

Smart business logic

Maximise outcomes with calendar alerts, geo-specific content, rich details and 'quick links'.. or even 'vanity links' for superior branding.

Performance tracking

Improve visibility with key metrics like 'Active Users', 'calendar impressions', 'clicks' and 'opt-in'.

Social Media

Serve your social crowd via the ECAL Facebook app, or with a simple social post!


Easily add ECAL to any launch emails, weekly or (purchase) confirmation emails.

SMS Response

Attract and acquire users from live events, TV or print with a dedicated SMS 'keyword'.


Target a 'cohort' of users with calendar messaging, based on a defined set of attributes - such as location, preferences, emails, opt-in, or any other registration field you may have available.

ECAL Campaigns
ECAL Welcome Message

Welcome Message

Add a custom welcome message to a new user's calendar as soon as they successfully sync to ECAL.  

Enterprise level solution

ECAL's enterprise solution provides a highly secure, personalised communications service direct to calendar, for any 'life-critical' events, such as credit card / utility bill payment reminders, travel / flight itineraries, online course curriculum, and appointments.


Deliver user-specific comms via a one-to-one calendar connection.

Integration team

Our expert team leads the way in data mapping, advanced logic and execution.

Highly secure

Integrate within secure member environments, behind login, with advanced encryption.

Marketing systems integration

We can integrate with popular existing marketing / CRM systems.

ECAL Personal Events

Personal Events

ECAL's 'Personal Events' allow rich and sophisticated communications specific to an individual user. This allows for 'one-to-one' communications. Perfect for important customer service information, such as Bill Payment Reminders, Travel Itineraries, Bookings, Membership Renewals, and much more.

Partner Integrations

Easily connect ECAL to the systems you already use, for even more amazing outcomes!  Check out ECAL's Partners here

ECAL Partners

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