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‘NAB to Calendar’ increases on-time payments by up to 12%!

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The Problem / Opportunity

National Australia Bank, one of the nation's 'big four' banks, partnered with ECAL to test how credit card payment reminders in the calendar stacked up against SMS reminders

The problem? Consumers find it very difficult to stay on top of their monthly credit card payments. They want an easy way to manage their payments, avoid ‘late fees’ and keep their credit rating in check.

For banks, the cost of ‘bill chasing’ is a huge expense, so NAB wants to avoid payments going into ‘collections’. More on-time payments means a reduction in costs associated with ‘collections’ activities and customer service call handling.

About the Proof of Concept (POC) Project

In order to facilitate an uncomplicated trial, an SMS was sent to a selection of NAB cardholders, to offer them the ability to add their monthly payment reminder to calendar.

Important - It's important to note that this is not how the properly integrated experience will work on full rollout. We wouldn't promote the feature via SMS. Instead, the feature will be integrated and available behind the login inside Internet Banking and the mobile banking app.

Key Objectives

  • Demonstrate customer interest in a calendar reminder feature
  • Increase on-time payments by min. 2% (compared with SMS)

The ECAL Solution

NAB subscribers received two entires in their calendar for their upcoming monthly payment:

  • A ‘payment reminder’ event (2 days prior to due date); and
  • A ‘payment due’ event (on the due date)

Both entries appeared at 12 noon, and had a 5 minute reminder. Event details were brief in this trial and included a link to

However on full rollout, the event details will include the specific amount due, and a direct link to 'Pay Now' amongst other features to inform and assist customers.

Summary of Results

  • +4% increase in 'on-time' payments at the due date
  • +12% increase in 'on-time' payments 2 days after due date
  • +37% 'spike' (the largest) in 'on-time' payments specifically generated by the two-day 'payment reminder' entry

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