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Premier League smashes all records!

Premier League smashes all records!

Premier League, the world’s most popular football league, has released its 2019/20 season fixture with a bang!

ECAL, the official ‘digital calendar’ service provider of the Premier League, played a central role in the League’s official schedule release, working to connect hundreds of thousands of football fans around the world with the new season schedule, in a very well-orchestrated few days of promotion.

A ‘pre-promotion’ campaign ahead of the release worked brilliantly to raise awareness in the days leading up to the release, and encouraged fans to connect their calendar to ECAL early, to receive the fixture first – straight into their personal calendar.

A well-integrated campaign across all digital channels provided excellent coverage, a consistent voice and multiple opportunities to ‘sync to calendar’. Key promotional initiatives included a dedicated site splash page, site banners, a social media campaign with social posts, Instagram story, and automated Tweet replies, plus social cover image takeovers, web articles and email integrations.

The Premier League Digital Calendar is a truly global service, with displays in multiple languages, and serves localised TV broadcast information across 240+ countries into the fans’ calendar, to drive tune-in. Importantly, it’s a ‘dynamic’ service, so game details update automatically in calendar, as the fixture changes throughout the season due to TV broadcaster preferences.
Fans can choose to receive fixtures of their favourite team(s), the complete season fixture, and even the Fantasy Premier League schedule of ‘matchweek’ trade deadlines. As well as local TV broadcast details, game entries include handy reminders, official game hashtags and direct access to Buy Tickets, Match Centre, Online Shop and much more.

The Premier League ‘digital calendar’ service by ECAL remains the world’s most popular calendar marketing service of its kind in the world.

You can follow your team throughout the 2019/20 Premier League season here, and stay up-to-date and connected thanks to ECAL.

Premier League Fixture Launch

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