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Top Trends In Calendar Ep I: Audience Building

ECAL’s Top Trends In Calendar is here! This special 4-week series showcases the latest techniques and strategies used by the most progressive brands in calendar marketing at ECAL. This week we focus on trends in Audience Building.

Pre-Promotion Campaigns

The release of the season schedule has become a highly anticipated event for fans, and presents an important opportunity for brands. It not only keeps fans engaged during the off-season, but a well-orchestrated, well-hyped schedule release event builds excitement and anticipation for the season, and keeps the brand front of mind for longer. Fans with renewed hope and expectation for the season ahead are keen to know the schedule, and plan their lives accordingly! For brands, it is a critical opportunity to connect and engage with high value, passionate fans with the official digital calendar service, powered by ECAL.

The very best brands are taking this a step further, with a pre-promotion campaign launched up to seven (7) days prior to schedule release. Standout, takeover creative and editorial messaging encourages fans to sync their calendar now to receive the schedule first, as soon as it’s released, straight to your calendar. This strategy has proven hugely successful in growing your connected calendar audience, whilst working to create a buzz and positive virality around the upcoming schedule release. So, two days of typical promotion turns into two weeks. Check out these pre-promotion campaigns by two of the very best brands in Premier League and International Cricket Council.

Premier League: The Season Starts here!

The Season Starts here! The Premier League’s ‘Unmissable drama, Made Unmissable’ standout creative was launched with a site takeover campaign beginning four days prior to the official fixture release. This campaign included a site splash page, home page banners, ‘run of site’ banners, social media and editorial promotion. Many thousands of fans took the opportunity to connect their calendar ahead of launch day, and spread the word via the ‘social share’ feature on the ECAL success screen.

This pre-promotion campaign accounted for 35% of total new subscribers over the schedule release period.

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ICC Cricket World Cup: First Access

The ICC’s pre-promotion campaign ahead of the ICC Cricket World Cup fixture release was launched five days prior, with a striking ‘run of site’ banner campaign. Despite a qualification tournament still in progress, the ICC ‘Sync to Calendar’ promotion promised fans to ‘First Access‘ to the Cricket World Cup fixtures upon official release. The 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup kicks off in India on the 5th October.

Online Member Sign-up

Single Member ID architecture is a growing trend across many leading brands, aimed at providing instant access to a range of premium features, with greater personalisation, more relevant content and deeper engagement.  Keen to convert largely anonymous fans to known and more engaged online members, brands are increasingly looking to provide premium features behind a sign up / sign in form. Your ECAL digital calendar is one popular service that can help you achieve your goal of online member conversion. Ultimately, the size of your calendar audience is likely to be less than normal, but if brands believe in the benefits of building a high value committed online membership, it’s definitely a popular feature that works well to turn the tide of users in adopting your online membership concept.

Check out how leading brand Liverpool FC ‘gate’ their users to sign up / sign in to access their ‘Sync to Calendar’ feature.

Liverpool FC: Join MyLFC

Liverpool FC launched its ‘Sync to Calendar’ feature, as part of the growing benefits of its free MyLFC online membership account. With the ability to detect logged-in and logged out users and adjust the ‘state’ of the ‘Sync to Calendar’ button, site users are prompted to ‘sign in’ or ‘sign up’ to ‘MyLFC’ to sync their favourite Liverpool fixtures and events to their personal digital calendar.

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