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Why banks choose ECAL

ECAL lets banks connect directly with customers via their personal calendar. It allows them to select events or information streams they need to know about, and sync this to any personal calendar program, on mobile or desktop. ECAL works with global banks to deliver credit card payment reminders, direct into the personal calendar of cardholders.

Connect with your most valuable customers

Banks and financial institutions are always looking for new and innovative systems to ensure timeliness of payments and appointments in branch. By allowing customers to add their credit card payment reminders to their personal calendar, they are more likely to pay their bill in a timely fashion and avoid late fees.


Reminders at the right time, in the right place

ECAL adds personalised credit card payment reminders directly in to the personal calendar of cardholders. By subscribing to their own ECAL payment reminder schedule, customers are prompted to make their payment before the due date to avoid any late fees and keep their credit rating high.

Intelligent data profiling

ECAL is a great way to capture high value customers! With our 'rich' analytic dashboards and user reports, you'll better understand your audience. Use our Data Delivery Service to send your data directly into your CRM, for more effective marketing and better business decisions.

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