For banks and financial institutions, ECAL increases 'on-time' payments by up to 12% over SMS, and significantly reduces costs

Payment Reminders

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Why big banks choose ECAL

Big banks and finance companies rely on ECAL Enterprise, for dynamic, personalised payment reminders to calendar. ECAL payment reminders are proven to increase on-time payments by up to 12% (over SMS), and significantly reduce the costs of collections and customer support.

Keep customers satisfied

ECAL payment reminders are perfect for credit card accounts, business and personal loans, and direct debit schedules. Your customers will know how much is due, when, and with direct access to pay, straight from their calendar.

Reminders at the right time, in the right place

Personalised payment reminders delivered into the calendar allow your customers to keep control of their payments, and better manage life. This is why the participation rate is so high. So much better to receive than an SMS, or an unwanted phone call from a stranger chasing payment!

Data security and protection

With ECAL Enterprise, your customer data and any financial information is entirely anonymous in our system, and personally unidentifiable. This eliminates any security risk, and meets strict banking regulations

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