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HungerStation World Cup Promo Kicks Goals!

The largest online food ordering service in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, HungerStation, used ECAL to drive engagement and orders around the FIFA World Cup.

Part of the Delivery Hero group, HungerStation delivers food from over 100+ restaurants to your doorstep, and promises high standards of service and guaranteed food delivery.

Managed by TTP Creative Agency, and promoted on social media via Facebook and Twitter, the HungerStation ECAL offered customers the ability to sync the World Cup schedule (or games of your favourite teams), straight to their personal calendar on mobile or desktop, complete with timely alerts and promotional discounts.

The ECAL display and all calendar entries were entirely in Arabic, and the service worked to engage customers around the World Cup to order their food, take advantage of discounts, and have the food delivered in time to watch the game!

Another awesome example of how ECAL enterprise technology can deliver a brilliant customer experience with amazing, measurable success to a global audience.

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