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Formula E cancels race events

Formula E cancels race events

ECAL’s Sync to Calendar technology is allowing Formula E fans to stay informed and up-to-date with the latest season information via the calendar amid the escalating threat of the COVID-19 epidemic.

ECAL’s ‘digital calendar’ solution ensures fans across the globe enjoy a live and dynamic feed of race events.  Events dynamically update in the calendar, so if there are race events postponed, rescheduled or cancelled, they’ll be the first to know.

ECAL Founder and CEO Patrick Barrett said: “ECAL is the perfect platform to engage fans, particularly with event (date and time) driven information. Events can change for any number of reasons, ECAL provides real-time updates in the calendar and provides publishers with another medium to communicate with their fans.  

The technology also allows publishers to update the content and redirect the focus to align with other key objectives of the business.  Take the case of a closed race-circuit or stadium for instance, calendar entries, reminders and links can drive tune-in via live stream, provide localised broadcast information or engage in fan related activities like Formula E’s fanboost“.  

With future scheduled races under threat of cancellation, ECAL’s sync to calendar solution provides Formula E with a timely and reliable solution to keep fans informed.

You can sync the Formula E season here, and stay up-to-date and connected thanks to ECAL.


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